can I change my escrow company?

My mortgage escrow company, I recently got a huge pay cut, and I cant make my mortgage payment I am a month behind, however if I could change my escrow company (LTV is like 86%) I can say $ 400. they are really ripping me off. I can make all of my mortgage payments on time without difficulty. Most escrows chage like 80$ . Is there a way around this.
save* $ 400 a month. Which would bring a huge sigh of relief
haha you got it all wrong. My job depends on having a car with a hitch, and each of these cars was offered to me for a VERY dirt cheap price. My old car whichi was also an SUV BROKE DOWN and I was without work , and needed a car of that kind. ALSO my ESCROW PAYMENTS DO NOT INCLUDE TAXES!!!!!! I pay my property taxes SEPERATELY!!!

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