Can I buy a Colorado mortgage, a home in another state?

This is my first time home buyer, which has been approved for a loan here in Colorado. I can not move me because my friend can go to law school MN. I would also like to go …. Thus, the desire to buy a house.
Bought a house w / w Richmond Home Builder’s / the status of their loan company, American Home Mortgage use. At 6:09, the loan officer qualifies us as a credit score is on the 800th three weeks before closing, she asked for more documentation was w / c by fax to her. Ten days before closing, she said she had not received the documents. Was referred to it, w / copy their processor in Colorado. Since the company was on the schedule, e-mail it to me for the duration of my trip, I will not be able to respond or provide more documentation when needed. The night before my trip in their e-mail came w / a rate of 6.25% for 1 and 8.5% for the second loan and document so they asked the rate locked characters. It was signed by e-mail and fax it to her in the same night. On Monday, the Day of Judgement were higher than what has been signed. She said it is’ coz our high debt ratio. Was not this a violation of the bait? Each federal and state laws is MD?

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