Can I afford this home?

Hello all, I know this is a common question, but I’m just looking for some reassurance during the house hunt specific to my situation.

My current income is $ 55,000 gross per year, and I have no outstanding debt, everything is paid off monthly. I have about $ 25,000 in savings, and have been pre-qual’d for an FHA loan, my middle credit score was 765 when they pulled them.

If I bought a house for somewhere in the area of $ 225k, would I be overextending myself? That would put my monthly payment for PITI in the mid $ 1700’s. My net income per month would leave me with about $ 1000 left to spend on EVERYTHING else, does that seem possible?

I definitely don’t have an expensive lifestyle, and the reason that I am stretching on this purchase is because I really like the house and it has everything that I want, and I think it has enough expansion potential that I may never need to move.

Real world examples of income vs mortgage/utilities/other monthly expenses would be appreciated. I live in CT, but would love to hear from anyone.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!
Thanks for all the great responses.

I’ve talked to a broker, and I can qualify for at least 250k, obviously too much.

I have a car all paid off in good shape. My drive to work is 15-20 minutes, so I end up spending 20-30 on gas probably every 2 weeks or so.

I will be getting a raise in July, should be around 2.5%, the usual per year around here is 3.5%. The job is about as stable as I could hope for.

I’ve been putting 10% into my 401k (Im 22) and could easily cut that back to the matched 3% to put my monthly to 2800 (after life/health/dental insurance).

I should definitely qualify for the $ 8k. I will be putting ~15k into down and closing, leaving me with 10k in the bank. It would take me another year or so to save up a down for a conventional, and then who knows where the market will be.

I know this may be tight for a couple years, but it’s also an amazing location and has everything I think I’ll ever want, and plenty of room to expand.

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