Can Home Loan (mortgage bonds) are taken by the nationalized bank in India in the U.S. take?

I am an Indian national working conditions in the H1B.Ich U.S. $ 55,500 for the loan (mortgage) in India, and I would like if possible, an exemption here, enter Germany is she? If yes, please let me know the necessary documents and will be in federal / state? I spoke with a consultant H & R Block Tax and it is not safe and I wanted a little of that tun.Ich EMI equated monthly installment to be paid in Indian rupees nationalized bank in India. I receive an annual statement which clearly paid off the interest and principal payments during the period. How to convert the amount paid in Indian rupees to the U.S. dollar and get relief ?**** The loan is the only home I ******* I have no home loans in the United States here * ** No, not at home in the United States. It is in India.
I’m late paying my mortgage, because they put out of my job last year. I was contacted by a company called United Mediation Group. You’ll change my mortgage and my interest rate to 2%. It cost me $ 1500. My loan is still held by my colleagues existing mortgage. Too good to be true – nobody has done this before? I wonder if there are hidden problems, if not my credit score down my mortgage.

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