can home equity loan go to foreclosure?

When my house was worth something a few years ago I paid of an existing mortgage with a 30year fixed home equity loan. I also took out a small home equity loan for improvements. I had a ton of equity but now i don’t. House has been on market for 3 years since getting divorced and no offers. I have it priced well below what i owe but still cant lower it enough(don’t have enough money to pay the difference) My ex-husband lost his job so he’s unable to pay his portion on the vacant house. Can I do a deed in lieu of foreclosure on home equity loans? Is there a way to prevent oweing after foreclosure?
1) if it’s a first lien on the property by virtue of paying off the original mortgage, yes it can.
yes it is first lien

(2) Deed in lieu would be up to your lender; and you might still owe the difference between sale price and fees and what you owe.
which is why i’m giving my house back because i can’t come up with the difference of what i owe, what the house is worth and what i can sell it for. I owe 203k and its listed for 170k which after commission and fees i would need 40k to pay off loan. However, that would be that i actually got an offer. For the house to sale it needs to be listed around 159k

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