can anyone help me with my mortgage woes?how could i find out if my loan officer is “up to no good”?

my banker has changed my fixed loan to a balloon because i was late a few times after my wife was killed in an train/auto wreck. this happend july 3, ’ may of ’03 i lost my teaching job to staff reduction. my loan officer delayed my refinance ,i feel certain becuse he knew of my job situation before i did. i have since lost a second job to corporate bankrupsy. the loan officer is the vice president of the local bank and for some reason has always made my mortgage difficult to manange due to my incopetence in finantial and other copeing situations my deceased soulmate mananged. most recently my mortgage went up $ 21.32 per month. also im pretty sure Im paying close to 75% intest overall each time the balloon note comes back for re-structure.????

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