Can anyone give me a real phone # USA Mortgage Protection Services, said in FL?

I read reviews here and decided $ 24.95 deducted from my account on the background check. “Brandon Cooper (who advertise on Craigslist, hiring a manager) did not answer my phone calls or emails. Maybe people who have commented positively on this site have been a part of its disappointment. If the employee actually worked for them, why stop it? Why does not the company in all directories? They are recorded, but no one can be saved LLC FL and fraud, told me. I would gave a background check on your money, because it is dishonest loan officers, and some very convincing conference call, they promise to refund your first check. He could certainly use the lack of integrity in the industry! “Brandon Cooper” ran the ad in the Atlanta area. I wish I could answer the original question that was posed on the site. Please do not let these crooks to defraud you of money, I’ll contact the authorities as well.
My husband and I married in January. I’m 22 years old, she was 25 I had my first credit card at age 18, my husband is 22 … So we have a credit history. My husband earns about $ 37 000 per year before taxes and I am a student. We live in a house right now that we have (no privileges or something), which was given to us, and it is worth about $ 100,000. We wanted to buy your house and rent the house we now live, we each paid our credit line of 15 million details … It is – 636, 665, 640 … My own – 616, 636, 627th Then we applied for a mortgage at the local “financial services”, place (not the bank) for a home loan and $ 80,000 was rejected. “Insurer” told me it was because of my credit score was only 602nd husband I told him what was wrong, because we just looked at our results and reports. He said they are looking at different types of reports that we receive from the “personal search”. Is this true? AND – she told me that I had no credit at all appear on my social security number. Well, I’ve had three credit cards (I just used one of them today), car loan, and all our bills on my behalf. I know I have credit! Is it just me, or something wrong here?! and we paid we got reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion score, the three

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