Can anyone give me a hint on my mortgage payments?

I bought my first house about 8 months. I had no down payment and eventually separate two Darlehen.Die first $ 114,000 @ 6.75% 30 years festgesetzt.Die second for $ 38,000 @ 9.436% 15 years of the first payment Ballon.Monatliche: 1,014.12 monthly payment the second is $ : $ 316.05 I can afford them. Its far from ideal, but I do pay a little more per month than I would for an apartment. I thought I could refinance before too long, then too but people bought the $ 35K $ 350K houses and I think my chances of that just now are very slim since I do not pay me next to this principle, we Punkt.Lassen 9 +% of the cruel alone for a minute. I know there are insurance costs and property taxes built in mortgage payments, but I’m plugging $ 114K and 6.5% over 30 years in the computer online generic and goes nowhere near what I paid. If any help? 6.75% for the calculations … Typing errors are used.

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