Can an OPP Officer pull you over on private property?

**just an FYI: OPP or Ontario Provincial Police are like state troopers, they patrol the Ontario Highways, and in the cases of small towns and villages, those as well**

i was driving up to Blue Mountain Ski Resort for a company function, the roads were really bad, however coming into collingwood, they cleared right up, and seeing as how it was midnight, the roads were empty, so i was going much faster than i was supposed to and as i took a bend, a cop (OPP as well) on the other side quickly turned his lights on, but turned them right off because there was a median between us for about 1km, so by the time he turned around i would have been gone. now coming into blue mountain, i pulled into the resort and was looking for the main lodge to check-in. (work had us all split between 4 hotels, but all required you to check in to the same one), so i drove around, and ended up behind an OPP officer slowly driving through the parking lot (keep in mind, it was a friday night, and there were tons of OPP officers parked in the middle of the skiiers village by the bars), so he went straight and i turned left, exiting the parking lot, and stopping at the lights. with my signal on, i turned left, and begun my attempt at round 2 of the parking lot, looking for the lodge to check-in, after turning back into the parking lot, about 100 meters in, a cop who was riding my tail turned his lights on. so i pulled over, and rolled my window down immediately. he slowly approached my vehicle (keep in mind my car has tinted back windows, limo tint on the back and 2 rear doors, and the front 2 have lighter tint…all within the specifications of the law) (keep in mind as well, this isnt a one sided story, im telling you exactly what happened. when cops are involved i dont “dick” around or give attitude), he asks me to roll my window up. he then shines his light in, signals for me to roll it down, and tells me they’re too dark. i informed him about the specifications and he said there are no such thing. he asked for my license and registration. he also stated “have you been drinking?….this is the second time youve passed this lodge” and i replied that i just got off work and drove straight here, and that i was looking for the main lodge and showed him a copy of the work email with instructions. he then told me that he pulled me over because i failed to signal when turning left. i could tell he was looking for excuses to pull me over so i stopped argueing. in the confusion of it all, i was able to find my insurance, my plate renewal reciept and form (that shows i am the owner) but accidentally left the ownership at the DMV. after telling him this, he told me to sit tight. 45 mins go by from the time he pulled me over to the time he came back, giving me a ticket for 110 dollars for “failure to surrender proper documentation”. he told me i was getting off lucky as the ticket for the tinted windows would have been ASTRONOMICAL….i looked it up, its anywhere from 75-200 (depending on the scale of cops discretion). this doesnt seem right. why am i being targeted because my car fits the look of a “troublemaker” when in reality i work for a medical company assisting customers with diabetes. any advice? should i fight the ticket? ps, i drive a 2003 black sebring with tinted windows (not exactly a racing car haha). also, don’t you have a set time afterwords to show documentation?

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