Can a person kill a tree with bleach or some other household chemical and can the tree be tested to check?

We moved out of our house to an apartment in February. My husband died last year, and the neighbors on both sides of us started harassing us, plus the house was in foreclosure and my husband had owed a lot of money on it, and the mortgage company wanted more money than I could afford to put on it. (It’s very complicated.) Anyway, my children and I moved, and we kept the gas on in the house for heat and the electricity,

My husband died without leaving me any insurance and I am living on a small salary and some Social Security for me and my 11 year old daughter. My two older children who are in their 20’s live with me, but both of them got cut to part time on their jobs recently, and although they help me pay the bills, they have car payments and insurance and student loan payments, so money is tight. My income is really fixed, and I was just able to afford a storage area so I could remove the rest of my possessions from the house. Well, to make a long story short, I told the city director that I was planning on moving in June, was getting a storage area then, and we would be removing the rest of our possessions by the middle of the month and I was going to turn the house over to the bank then, since it is only in my late husband’s name.

Anyway, we went by the house today, since we can’t get in it because the neighbors called the bank and said I abandoned it, (even though they are related to the city director, and the person I spoke to at the company who locked the house up said it was the city director who called the bank, as well as the neighbors), and we noticed that the one huge tree in front of the house is dying, its leaves are all brown. Several times when we stopped by the house in May before it was locked up we noticed that the grass in the area around the tree was all yellow and dying.

The reason the neighbors hated us so much was that we were the only family on our block who refused to cut down our trees when both neighbors on either side of us retired and started competing as to who had the best lawn. They bullied all the other families into cutting down their trees so no leaves would get on their precious lawns. In the fall, we raked up as many leaves as we could, but you can’t rake up every one, and both of these neighbors would be out every half hour with their leaf blowers, blowing up the leaves like nuts. (They both also mow their lawns EVERY day in the summer, to put lines on them.)

That tree was perfectly all right in the fall and winter, and even into the early spring. Now all the leaves are brown and I think that these two, well, I can’t call them here what I would like to, tampered with the tree somehow. Could they put bleach around it? Could they put something around it that would kill a good, healthy tree, and is there any way I could find out if they did. Considering that the property is still mine, if they it was tampered with this I would call the police and file a complaint.

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