can a mortgage company mail your closing papers to you to sign?

A friend of mine has elderly parents who want to own a home before they die. They found a home they like and have been dealing with Country Wide to get a loan for this home. They were told, by the seller, who also has their mortgage through Country Wide, that they were approved for their loan. That itself seems odd to me, the lender shouldn’t contact the seller about the buyer. So, they have been approved, which also concerns me. He is in his 70s, she is in her late 60s and he is in very poor health, they are on a fixed income that will barely cover the mortgage (i thought you couldn’t get a loan if your income was not a certain amount more than your mortgage) because you still have utilities and health insurance, car insurance, food and other living expenses. So, Country Wide has approved them and sent the closing papers DHL for them to sign and send back, even though the office is right down the road from them…. is it even legal to sign closing papers and mail them, i though you had to meet with seller, lender, lawyer… etc….

It especially seems strange to me now with every thing going on, i thought it would be much harder to get a home rightnow. They do have 36,000 in a VA grant to put down, I am wondering if the lender is just wanting to get that 36000 now and are not concerned with later.

I am just worried about them getting ripped off… oh and the loan is a 20 year loan, how can a 70 year old man in poor health get a 20 year home loan????? he can’t get insurance for the loan b/c of his health!!!

Please advise if you know the mortgage business

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