Can a mortgage company increase your rate after you’ve already locked in?

This is happening 1 week before settlement and they claim it’s because of my credit but my credit score is exactly what is was when I first applied for the loan, 685. I locked in at 5.5, now they are trying to increase it to 5.85 a week before closing. I haven’t signed anything yet but can they legally do this???? I just signed one loan approval last week and now they are sent me another one today that says revised on it with the new rate on it.
Goodness Real Estate guy don’t be so mean this is my first time buying a house and I’m not sure that’s whay I;m asking. And I DID in fact sign a Lock in agreement on January 9, 2009, I’m looking at it righ now as I type. Goodness!
Also, I was able to send them copies of my canceled rent check so the Rental Verification was not even submitted to my landlord. Jerk

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