Can a college student get a mortgage for around 115 thousand dollars?

I’m a navy vet w/ 10k in the bank. I want to buy a condo for 115k using my VA home loan mortgage option but I’ve only been at my job for about a month since I just got out of the military. I have AWESOME credit, and I can’t just stay at my job longer because I’m moving from Florida to Washington state to get into a nursing program that doesn’t have a waiting list. I recieve around 1400/month from my gi bill, which last another 2 years, and I’m going into the medical field so I know I’ll be able to find work anywhere to supplement my gi bill income while I’m in school. Thanks for any inputs except the ones that just tell me that I’m stupid for asking 😀
My job in the navy had nothing to do with nursing. I was an aircrewman in an aviation platform so there isn’t any continuation of skills, but I am working as a CNA and saving up money still. By the time I’m looking to actually buy I wilhave been a CNA for about 4 months, but I doubt that will make a huge difference.

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