Cable signal out sw Chicago last night? My channels changed. Need digital converter on some channels now? Why?

I have had basic cable over a year, actually for several years. Last night in the Chicago area I lost my signal. About 630 am the cable gradually came back on, some channels are blurrier than before. The local access channel 3 has now gone to 100, and can only be viewed with a digital converter. I thought cable is going digital on February 17th, 2009. It’s still 2008 cable people. I pay for basic, and am I’m asking for are basically “clear” reception on ALL my channels. At least half the channels are with ghosts, double or triple hallows, or fuzzy blurry pictures. It’s worse than ever. Should they credit me since January 9th they re-installed all new wiring and the picture the the repair man’s report says, and I quote “”Getting ghosting on 2-7. affecting all channels”? I think this reception has been like this for months, if not over a year. Not to mention, in my neighborhood and building, people have all kinds of illegal hook ups.

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