By making affordable home program, loan modification I can be refused when I refinanced last year?

Only about 8 months, Bank of America asked me and offered to refinance my mortgage with the government “Making Affordable Home” program. I was in trouble and it made perfect sense, I did. Now, Things are even worse for me and I try to work with a credit counselor to avoid bankruptcy. He suggested I call the HUD and ask about a loan modification. I spoke briefly with someone one today, not a HUD counselor, because I’ve already refinanced with the program I do not have permission to do a loan modification through it said. Is this true and if so, what are my options? Can I get a loan modification without the government’s agenda? The credit counselor said that my housing cost should be about 30% of my income, and now my 61%. I absolutely no savings, so I guess I qualified for a change.

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