Buying a house to rent in comparison? w full-time student / part-time job.?

I am a 20 year old full time student with a part-time job (which is very little). Currently, I live with my parents and all is well. I have a full-scholarship ride, and have no student loans. I also saved over $ 21,000 in money markets different savings accounts mutual funds (Janus and Franklin Templeton) and. When we bought a house that my parents would totally help with their bills, mortgage payments, etc., in addition, they would receive a tax cut (second home). We are in no hurry to buy a house but what would you recommend to all in the light of my situation? Wait a bit and stay home? Do you save? Buy a house or row house (please)? Rent? Ah yes, the price range we’re looking between $ 50000-100000 for a small house. We also live in a safe neighborhood in good school district, where houses tend to appreciate you for your Beratung.Auch wissen.Vielen I think I have a Roth IRA, which has invested in dollars is 3500 Franklin Templeton

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