Buying a house HELP ME PLEASE!?

I have been saving for 5 years now, I have a little over $ 100K saved in my bank.
I found this beautiful little house I am just in love with for $ 80K
If I were to buy this house would that be it just the $ 80K or is there taxes?
What bills would I have to pay each month if I own my home with no mortgage?
Will someone please help me and I need to know about how much it will be if there is taxes on buying the house, and if there are bills other than water, elec., gas and stuff how much and what those bills are. I know you wont know exactly but just a round about. And if this helps I am from Ohio moving to Lima, Ohio. If you know of any websites also with cheap houses for sale please let me know. Also how do forclosure, and all those other cheap cheap houses work. Sorry for all the questions I am 20 years old and trying to get everything figured out I am really confused but thanks for all the help. If you want you can IM or Email me that would help alot! :o)

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