Buying a house after a foreclosure?

My wife and I were the victims of a crime in 2004 (our former business partner turned out to be a previously sued con artist under a different name). In the end we were forced to file for bankruptcy just to get this scum out of our lives which unfortunately also sent our home into foreclosure.

The bankruptcy was in December 2008, the foreclosure was in June 2009.

How long before we would be able to buy a home again? We’re both in our 40s and make decent money as an IT manager and an architect. Our credit ratings were 800+ for both of us prior to the damage done by this animal. We also had never missed a single mortgage payment in an 18 year marriage.

Do lenders take circumstances into account when deciding to underwrite a loan? Any and all opinions will be appreciated and thanks for responding to this lousy situation.

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