buy to let mortgage?

hi, i own a flat which has been valued at 215 in london bought for 192 2 years ago with a 20k deposit. i want to get a second buy to let mortgage – my income is about 42k with no loans or committments..

but i keep getting told i am not eligible – does anyone know where i’d be best off going for this or if i just own’t be eligible..? Thanks a lot, Jo
thanks dee. i’m assuming there’s nothign bad on my credit as i got the mortgage and equity release on teh first one. i think it might be that i’m asking to borrow too much..


I want to build a small house in a rural area but I am single and don’t make a lot of money. Are there any special lower-interest loans available that I might qualify for?

(If students can get scholorships for school I was thinking there might be special programs out there to help people to buy/build homes. This would not be my first home so I guess I wouldn’t qualify for Fannie Mae)

This is really mportant to me so please let me know if you have any information on mortgage/construction loans that might help me. Thank you!

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