Buy a home in Canada, U.S. citizens. Mortgage?

I am a U.S. citizen who wants to buy a home in Canada. I’m in the process of applying as skilled workers, but no status now. I can not find an American company, gives me a mortgage for a home in Canada, you know? I also heard that I used a Canadian Mortgage Co, just give me a loan of less than 35% down, not because I am a resident. Is that correct? If you give me in contact with a company that is yes, I’m sure I want to buy a house. I lived in the area all summer and I feel in love with him and I am doing my PhD at the University of Windsor, so that at least 5 years in the region.
Hello, one of my friends went crazy trying to figure out how to display a statement that they get student loans are paid. This is a Canada Student Loan. You must show your bank paid the evidence before getting a mortgage kann.Sie tried all the Govt. Web sites they can find. I suggested that RBC, but if anyone knows it would be a direct way is useful, thank you all! Just a quick note … I think the sad that I had a real answer and only had the last 20 minutes of the declaration remains as spam !!!!!!! This does not pass me want to use Yahoo Answers …. and I love the responses Yahoo! So this question is now closed to the above e-mail. Fifteen years

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