Business Insurance Quote?

Can anyone give me an “idea” of what insurance I may have?

Im doing a b-plan, and insurance companies wont give me a quote yet. heres my info:
Beverage Company, we buy our beverage from 3rd party manufacture.
First year revenue: 1,000,000 Employees: 4 (1 owner)
Annual Wages w/owner: $ 150k w/o owner: $ 120k
1 company owned van for local distribution and marketing driven by employee and owner
Renting a 2500 sq. ft office space, we will have about $ 30k of product and $ 10k office equipment
Southern California, I need the general liability, commercial, workers comp, umbrella, and anything else i may need?

A good enough number for me to throw down in my general number-running in trying to figure how much money I need to assmble would be so helpful! Thank you!

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