Building credit: What kind of credit card would be best?

I am thinking of getting a credit card to help build my credit and possibly help pay for a crown on my tooth (crappy dental insurance, what can you do?). I already have a cell phone bill, rent, and have paid off my student loans (although the payments were late a few times).

If I am going to sink a lump sum on a credit card right away and pay it off over time, should I go with a card with a lower APR, but an annual fee? Should I stick with one with no annual fee since I will be keeping the card open even after I pay off my stupid tooth? Are rewards card even worth it? I like the idea of getting “miles” with purchases, especially if I am going to be using this card every month and paying of the balance eventually, but how complicated is it to cash in? And does the “annual fee of $ 39” mean $ 39 a month or $ 39 a year?

Any help in explain the differences in card would be appreciated and any advice on what need in a card would be wonderful! Thanks much!!!

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