borrowing against my 401k to buy the house?

I’m 31 and the passage of FL HC. Use M here do not match my 401k and I currently have about 2,000 in it. One of my friends is a mortgage broker, and he looked at my credit and said I have not a problem for an FHA loan. The houses I’m looking for are all around 90k. with 3% less, I would have about $ 2,500 (plus I saved 2500). I intend to ask the seller to pay clocing and / or price reductions with all that whatever happens, during the inspection to help at home. My question is, since the amount is only 401k 2k would be a good idea to borrow against them to help me get into a house? My mortgage would be less than what I pay rent and I am SOOOO ready for something that all my employer .*** My next match my contribution, I intend to more than 5%

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