Black / White different interest rates for loans – is necessarily wrong or racist?

Think of the “Annotations” scandal? This proved to be total BS – people know in Roxbury, the higher interest rates paid by black people in Wellesley for loans of similar size and with similar credit ratings – – – the difference is that the guarantee was a higher risk. Mortgages are secured loans – they are so low interest rates initially, and they sell only a reduction of a few basis points on the secondary market, simply because they supported the new report sind.Ein show different rates for car loans …. But this does necessarily mean racism? Many high / low crime rate neighborhoods are minority neighborhoods in large part. The car is more likely to be damaged or stolen – for the same reason, the insurance premiums you höher.Überlegen also that in both cases, most applications made by telephone with written follow-up – – – the loan officer ever seen – in because he or she is usually talking to car dealers, not Sie.Das sounds like a false Skandal.Kermit I totally understand and sympathize with you, I had similar problems with health insurance – to change jobs and therefore insurance and the hospital or pediatrician keeps billing the wrong insurance and then you have to pay the bill – the receptionists $ 8 / h are simply too lazy to change the information in their system, even if you repeat them 6 times. But this does not mean that when minorities are on average pay more than 25 basis points for mortgages that banks are racist – if the mortgages are secured by real estate in wird.Kein higher crime / volatile neighborhood housing value, secured loans are more expensive then a psychiatrist, you are wrong, it is a secured loan, the value of the collateral and risk a legitimate concern – sometimes the biggest concern – and it is generally not illegal to watch.

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