Best ways to make money FAST for teens?

Im 13

Holidays are coming

I need more money!

Im not talking that, Baby-sit, have a garage sale, do chores around the house crap. Im talking trustworthy websites that pay you to do something for them.

I’v already tried Luuux, and I have an ebay account, iv sold a few things but i cant think of anything to sell!

Im very mature for my age and currently have $ 300 im NOT your average teen, I love money, Im constantly looking for ways to make money! Please help me, I want to get my brothers the Ipads for christmas and i want to buy myself and my family some things too!
@ Rick B, Yes i do understand realiy, i NEVER said that i would just sit on my butt and surf the internet, im upto other jobs, but obviously YOU dont realize that being a teenager, Getting a baby-sitting job is not that easy either, if you had a kid would you really trust a 13 year old stranger to baby sit your kid? I dont think so. And if you havent realized it november almost december, and where i live its already snowed, so you cant mow lawns, and where i live no one wants to pay you to mow there lawn when they can do it themselves. In this century teenagers dont go door-to-door asking there neighbors, that they NEVER talked to, to clean there house, mow there lawn, or watch there kids. That just DOSENT happen anymore.

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