Best route to increase Auto Beacon score?

OK, so I’m upside down in my minivan and looking for an escape vector (It’s 10 years old, has 8K still on it, and 140K miles… all three at once is not good news.)

I’ve just been told that my Auto Beacon from Equifax is “too low” for the leasing company I was looking at. (Despite the fact that they give you no idea what “too low” is…) I’m trying to decide on the best route to specifically increase my Auto Beacon score.

Currently I have 4 credit cards with high balances (due to college. I wish they were high because I own lots of cool things).

I have two installment loans (Car, College Loan).

Which would be better:

1) Actively pursue more credit cards and spread the balances?

2) Get a personal loan with a credit union to lump all the credit card revolving debt into an installment debt?

I’m looking for the fastest route to go.

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