best jumbo mortgage rate in California?

900,000 loan

needing a wholesale lender for a property in Los Angeles, California.

Im working for a broker, and i’m stuck, just hoping someone here would know some magical lender that would do this. thanks!
Dear JB,

i guess someone’s angry haha but i’m just trying to help an old lady out of a bad situation she’s in because of someone who didn’t inform her of the program she was getting herself into… thats all… im not asking for your opinion, thats why i said “magic” so calm down…

i guess you should’ve asked more questions before being judgemental…
according to JB, i should let this lady who’s been at her home for 15 years foreclose…

anyone else agree?
thanks Jennifer, her comps were comming up at 1m, we tried a loan mod but her lender wouldn’t budge since she has some equity, they’d rather she sell, i just don’t want her to leave that house shes been in for so long… i know its an unfortunate situation… anyway im just laughing at JB i mean im home at 11PM trying to figure out this lady’s situation and he still has the nerve to call me greedy but naieve people will do that stuff hehe…

off topic:
with regards to the law school, ive decided on continuing with SDSU because my new job can now accomodate my schedule, and hopefully try to get into a public school, if i can score high enough on the LSAT, thank you for your recommedations! 🙂

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