Best bank/credit union to get a mortgage with zero % down for a house in union city, NJ?

Want to buy a 200,000 house in NJ on a 75,000 a year budget with perfect credit- where can i get a loan with no money down and closing costs included? whats my best option?

how can i get a loan with ZERO down for a mortgage. I’m a student with no income and don’t even have a credit history. i need this house for living off campus.. i have found the house and its a huge house with 7 or 8 rooms and it costs about 50k. I will be renting it out while living in it and that’s how i expect to pay the mortgage. I already have everybody who will be renting the house out. The months of the year that they go home for break, i will be working full time to pay off the mortgage. what can i do?

Jack Daniels Pen with built in mini flash light. 2 AVAILABLE

Sign that home loan with this classy Jack Daniels twist pen. Show the world that you’re ready to be an adult when you sign that mortgage with the adjustable APR that will over inflate to 30% in six months with zero down. Maybe you can use that flashlight to find your way around your car when you’ll be living in it trying to find your toothbrush that fell under your car seat.

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