Been renogotiated conditions of their mortgage without refinancing?

I am currently behind in my mortgage and my options are to sell the house for less than I owe to foreclose my loan or that someone has suggested conditions to negotiate with my lender. Who would I talk to renegotiate because it would be my requirements to be set? I think if the rate for me, I can make my payment and save money and the bank would be reduced by avoiding foreclosure. I do not know where to go and how to convince them that this is the best way to do it. I can show them that I am the head and houses on the market for 6 months or more seats. The staff of customer service will not help me because they are simply trained to collect and I can not pay.
I replaced some paper work, but there are tons of types of mortgages and terms, as you know, what you should choose. There are consistent, Jumbo, FHA, etc. and then the only thing different is the concept of Zeit.1. I go with the mortgage broker sprechen2. I’m Käufer3 for the first time at home. I try to really understand what the term (I have no idea what the main difference between this game have, FHA, etc.).

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