BANK OF AMERICA ME unscrewed my house, I am writing COMPLAINTS TO DO?

Bank of America Mortgage Mess systematically New York and refused to accept my payments, have work for 5 months because of Hurricane Ike damage Arbeitsplatz.Nachdem I started working, they asked me to refinance my loan materials updated, but I later discovered that the materials were trashed after faxed in.Absolut inflated balance and payment delays, and refusal to re-tell me my loan finally forced into bankruptcy and ultimately give up my Haus.Ich think a lot of my debt was calculated over what is really needed war.Ich to file complaints, but the Texas Atty. general appears to be in bed with these crooks, and not worth complaining reagieren.WHO my complaints I have something else, I consider a lawsuit against Bank of America-I? Thank you in advance for your Beitrag.Rex

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