Bank of America is the worst banks in the United States ?!!!?

My husband and I want all of our banks with them, checking, savings, mortgages, credit cards and personal lines of credit. Our credit ratings are in the midst of more than 700 and we have never paid late on a bill ever. Is that we always pay more than the minimum payment. Our credit facility has a $ 9,000 balance. Our credit card has a balance of $ 200. It is the only crime outside the home and the cars we have. Our debt to income ratio under 30%. Anyway, I called the other day an advance on our credit line for necessary home repairs (our credit limit was $ 16,500) Request. Today went I online to check the status of the request and have given up our credit line of 10,000 €. So now we are not only unable to perform home repairs, without dipping into savings, but they have our credit, damaged by our debt to available credit! They did so for the economy! Give me a break! What are the chances in this economy, we were able to refinance our mortgage with another bank and get a loan from another bank to repay the loan with BoA? I ask because next week, we take all our checking accounts and savings accounts and go to another bank and close to our credit card and other account that we have this terrible business.

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