Bank of America has not properly contacted me about my debt. Do I contact them?

I am with a debt management program that consolidated my debt. One of my debts is a credit card with Bank of America. This account has been through two different collectors, NCO Financial, and National Enterprise Systems.

When I attempted to make payment through my program to these collectors they both denied the payment and returned it to me.

I was recently informed by the debt management company that NES had closed the account. I called NES to ask what happened and they told me they had returned the account to the original creditor.

It’s been a few months and I have not received any official notices or documents from BOA notifying me of their possession and terms for my account/debt. The debt has appeared on my online bank statement, but not on my paper mailed statements.

I have read it is illegal for collectors to not properly notify you about your debt and their terms for collection. BOA has not. Do I contact them or wait for them to properly contact me?

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