Bad Credit – How should I mortgage (money) my house?

I have enough bad credit (probably 480S) … its all stupid stuff / Education added – about $ 10,000 wert.Ich free and clear as residential and commercial properties with a big house – has been fixing up the house. I have a letter from the reconstruction of the city, so it can be considered normal residential mortgage loan to finance or anything. (Being their residential and commercial real estate, when they burned – the city would not allow commercial buildings to be rebuilt – but with a new letter – it is a building of stay or residence, what I want) estimated it was the realitor approximately $ 125,000 (and I owe nothing on this) – I want to get a loan of $ 60,000 to pay all my debts and put the rest at home … How do I get there? What would you do business? (? Mortgages shares) What type of financing should I do .. I am self-employed – 2 years on the job market

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