Bad credit and getting married?

My fiancé and I will be getting married in September. He has really good credit (that he has worked very hard at establishing) while I have a less than stellar credit score. I know that just by us getting married he does not assume my bad credit but we have to be very cautious of not getting any loans at all together because that is when his credit would be affected. I’m currently taking steps to improve my credit and I consolidated pretty much all of my debt and I will be debt free (at least credit cards and medical bills) in three years! I’m not really planning on getting any credit cards in the near future and I’m hoping that by consistently paying on my current consolidation program, car payment and student loans that I will be able to raise my score. So I guess my question is, we want to buy a house and I have a credit score below 500 and my fiancé has a score in the 700s what should be my next step in this? How high should my score be so that it doesn’t drag his down? Also, I read that mortgage companies like to see at least 2 years of consistent payments, will this be seen by paying off all my debt, student loans and car payment? Is that enough? Like I said, I really want to stay away from credit cards, I definitely do not feel responsible enough to have those!

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