Auto loan vs home equity loan?

I recently built a mortgage approved. I buy a car. I can get the home loan for 6.6% of initial costs for the loan to $ 3900. (A loan of 30 years, I intend to repay earlier). I will not be enough interest for a tax benefit before, so I ask, I’m better off paying a higher interest rate and get a car loan? You do not know how the cost in the rate of 6.6% and the firure $ 3,900 for a home loan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am borrowing $ 40,000, which is more than I need and is likely to depend too much money and put it back in the direction of the mortgage. do before you ask, I borrowed more than I need, because most lenders do not confuse it with a $ 20,000 loan. Thank you!

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