At an average foreclosure can take other properties you?

My mother-in-law owns two homes in South Florida … the most important and she lives in the capital, where they bought several cities over 2 years. The second is that it has had and the location is now empty and they can no longer afford the payments. She saw her mortgage company and they said it only after 60 days late on payments they have to do “something about the situation.” We talk and talk for days and decided that the only way its a foreclosure on the left. She requested information on him and I do not know if their seizures wissen.Wer main house – one lives in and maintains an exemption Homestead – can be removed, if it excludes the second? Does anyone have real information about it please do not respond with advice, such as loans, business opportunities, make money systems, etc. I just need to the information entered. Thank you.

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