Ask about a home loan, the lender recommendations? Need someone fast, but reliable.?

I’m about to ask your mortgage is very low. I have great credit, no debt and a very good / stable tööd.Ma was about to go with Wells Fargo representative because of that, I always use a bank, and as I was But with the 16 I have no idea of ​​the reliability of your loan service, and I have no personal relationship with one consultant, so I do not know who would be a good loan ohvitser.Nagu I ‘ said, is a small loan, it does not matter too much detail, I The main concern is reliability, trust, and in particular, confidentiality is the seller of personal experiences would be great minuga.Kõik . I am not going to a big company like Wells Fargo, but reliable, does not give me the service agent’s personal credit, which could have indepent. Thank you!

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