As a mortgage broker?. Illinois, USA?

I am currently a mortgage broker or agent who showed me a few houses and was to spend several hours to explain all the costs of signing the contract or in the vicinity of the loan, but I never signed contracts, as my agent would. it seems the seller’s agent for a house, I’m looking, but never told me he is a seller’s agent, even if I did not know he was an agent of the seller. for some companies, it seems that the buyers agent working for me has a good amount of time and showed me the house for me, I can still change my mortgage broker? I like that about someone I know personally, he is an agent of change and I feel like it, I will not get scammed like I can with the current broker, the seller’s agent, as Sometimes the mortgage bank werden.der guys that I took is to prepare qualified person who has a good relationship with my current mortgage agents. So if I change my broker friend, the lender will be safe and do not help me because I shot the brokers? I want to say my current broker, but to give, I want to change someone I know personally, and you seem seller’s agent and I need a buyer’s agent to help me and it someone I personally get pissed kenne.wird this power broker and want something to help me not like me and my buyer’s agent, “that I’m already home to get it? I ‘ have a few houses and I love them, I saw a little more before I decide to compare quotes and closures, but I still have to decide just 6 weeks, a house you can buy and get out of my apartment, my lease runs in the end Mä enough time for me to get a house? or I can take a few months months rent on a monthly flat Imay not enough time for the home and 6 weeks left is a little too late? speak Owen apartment and tell him I’m looking forward to buy my house, and some monthly rent beofre I decide to leave or sign a contract year, then? negotiable? Thanks for info

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