As a college student, is it smart to have more than one credit card?

I already have one credit card which does the job and has help me get a good credit score. As I read my credit report today, it said that if I wanted to bring up my score I should get credit cards from retail stores and that I have “too few accounts” on it to bring my score up. I was thinking of getting a citi card b/c it has excellent rewards and also a target visa card since I shop there a lot. My question is IF I end up getting approved for both cards, would it be smart for me to keep all three cards? I mean I’m probably not gonna be charging much on my original card since it has crappy rewards. Would that affect my score? Plus I heard that if you cancel one of your credit cards, your score goes down. Im trying to figure out how I should play this out because Im hoping to have an above average score for when I buy a car in another year. Does anyone have any advice?

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