Are you upset with the Democrats for not being able to hammer out a government bailout deal? ?

I’m a Liberal Democrat, and this is the first time I’ve ever been so upset with my own party.

I heard a soundbite from exactly five years ago, in which (Housing Committee Chairman) Baw-ney Fwank was saying that he considered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to be (in Frank’s own words) “solvent”, and not in need of any oversight or additional regulations.

Then one week ago, I heard Harry Reid saying that the Democrats weren’t sure to do about the current crisis. In the same breath, Reid called out John McCain for being a coward and not telling the country where he stood on this issue. So McCain proposed cancelling the debates to attend the meetings in Washington (which the Democrats objected to, despite Reid’s words mocking and taunting McCain for being silent on the issue). McCain walks into the White House congressional meetings at the last minute, and (according to inside sources) he hardly said a word during the negotiations, and then the Democrats turn around and blame him for pulling the plug on an agreement which both parties supposedly had worked out.

Meanwhile, the Democrats already have all the votes they need up on Capitol Hill to get a damn bailout package passed (even the White House is on board with them)…so what the hell are they waiting for??? They’re sitting there blaming the Republicans (specifically McCain) for killing the deal which they said two days ago had been hammered out (a deal which never even existed in the first place, and which now appears to have been a ploy to stall for time and make McCain look bad).

Don’t misunderstand me: the Bush administration is primarily responsible for most of the nation’s economic woes, which are making this current crisis even worse. But both Democrats and Republicans share equal blame for this fiasco.

Let’s not forget folks, it was the Clinton administration (and even Jimmy Carter’s administration before that) which engineered these ridiculous mortgage loan schemes that got us into this damn mess. During Clinton’s presidency, you had the Justice Dept. under Janet Reno threatening to prosecute any lender that denied loans to lower-income folks. So we ended up making loans to families whom we knew couldn’t afford to pay them off, and now look where we find ourselves. Meanwhile, most Americans are too selfish and short-sighted to pay down the national debt, and although we say we love our children, we’re shagging them in the a– by handing them a $ 20 trillion national debt that they’re just going to ignore and let their children deal with.

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