Are we losing our home to foreclosure? Please help?

I have not paid my house bills in about 7 months and have been going through modification. I have received a few notices in the last month from my mortgage company stating the foreclosure process has begun on my house. Recently I received this message from the woman dealing with the modification:

Called your lender and was advised that the loan modification was denied due to investor guidelines. This investor does not offer loan modifications.
Saxon is going to order Attorney fee’s and I h ave to call back on Monday so we can see if there is any program that can be offered through lender. This would probably be a repayment plan. I will call on Monday to find out details of repayment plan and get back to you then.
Thank you.
What does this mean? My home is going up for auction in 12 days. Am I certain to lose my home, is there any chance we’ll get to stay here?
Thank you.

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