Are there anyother options other than FHA mortgage?

We have recently been approved for a FHA loan. We presented aa bid on a house and landed in a bidding war. Our offer was accepted and later we discovered the subdivision has not been approved FHA. It was because the houses “site condominiums” were considered. Come discover, almost all of the subdivision is found in cities, as they have built. We continue to find homes and can not bid on them space because they are in agreement “on site” credit scores sind.Unser condominiums, but not much. Mine is 678 and my husband is on the 660th there anyother payment options on conventional loans for low credit unless we perfect? We tried a conventional loan from local banks, but because of the “restricted” areas of learning for us, we would share at least 10% down. Also, because our credit, we would have to pay almost $ 2000 points (each of us .. because our credit score under 700). Any input would be appreciated. I’m not looking for people to want me offers for mortgages, only cities Optionen.Die we are we are very small and newer homes that we are constructed as condominiums site. Our agents are not looking for it for us. There is no incentive to sell. Most are anyway so it does not exclude a huge commission from them.

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