Are there any loan modifications available for non-FHA conventional loans? mod?

My wife and I have a non-FHA conventional loan at 6.6%. Since the recession hit my Ebay business took a huge hit and hasn’t recovered to the level it was at when we bought the home in August 07. We now pay about 40% our income toward the mortgage and are struggling every month to make the payment. We bought the house for $ 155K and owe $ 146K, it would sell today for about 100K if we were lucky. Do we have any options for a loan mod? Our mortgage company already said they can’t help, all they can do is a short sale for us in which we’d be responsible for the difference between sale price and amount owed. All the help I’ve seen out there is for FHA loans, which doesn’t seem right. There has to be something we can do to stay in the house.

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