Are my closing costs to high in San Antonio, TX?

Are my closing costs to high ?Here are the costs:
Loan Amount: $ 122,003
Interest Rate: 5.875%

Loan Origination Fee: (1%) 1,202.00
Loan Discount: (2%) 2,440.06
Appraisal Fee: 375.00
Credit Report: 26.50
Tax Related Service Fee: 400.00
Processing Fee: 725.00
Closing or Escrow Fee (FHA) 425.00
Title Insurance: 700.00
Tax Certificates: 40.00
Endorsements: 84.00
Titles Delivery Fee: 25.00
Policy Guarantee: 1.00
Recording Fee: 110.00

(Items required by lender to be paid in advance)
Interest for 23 days: 457.93
Mortgage Insurance Premium: 1,803.00
Hazard Insurance Premium: 792.96

(Reserves deposited with lender)
Hazard insurance Premium: 198.24
Taxes and assessment reserves: 1,003.80
Aggregate adjustment: -401.52

estimated closing cost: $ 10,407.97

The loan office said it would probably be 2K less than quoted but still is 8K-10K high for closing? Seems a little high. Thanks!

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