Are Insurance Companies, the worst people to work with ?

Recently my town was hit with heavy rain and parts of it was flooded, my street was under water and started to come into my house, luckily just my floor was ruined and not anything else and had house insurance which i pay alot for so figured wouldnt such a big deal for insurance company, how i was wrong, as when the the rep came by, he tells me that they dont cover floods because it is a act of nature !!!! yet if a pipeline burst then i would be covered but only a bit, i wanna know how they get away with this, i do the right thing in getting insurance, pay a arm and leg for it, but when i need it, they try so hard to find out how not to pay me than to help me, why pay for insurance when the insurance wont pay for you,
why isnt it included in the policy, so like am paying hundreds of dollars for a policy and then get told oh, you gotta pay another couple hundred if you want that included, its like me buying a car and they dont put in a cd player or spare tyre and tell me oh you gotta pay extra if you want that, of course i want that

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