Are business credit cards in your name totally separate than your personal in terms of your credit score.?

In other words, if I pay off all my personal credit card debt with my business credit cards, will I have like a super high personal credit score like in the 800’s? And if it is separate, then shouldn’t I have a separate score for my business credit, or will they just look at my personal score to decide what interest rate to give me? A business credit card representative had told me one time that my business credit card has nothing to do with my personal credit score. Is that really true? Thanks for all your answers.
First of all, thanks for your answers, but to Jon B, my business is indeed a corporation. The credit cards are under my name though. My credit score as of right now is already pretty good. (720-730) I have a credit history of about 10 years now with excellent payment history, so with that information, do you think that if I transfer all my balances to my business cards, it will boost my personal credit score to at least 760?

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