Applying for mortgage?

My husband and I are going to buy a house soon, by july 2008. My credit is 681 and his is 669. What can we expect to be approved for in mortgage? We live in Arkansas so a 50,000 loan would be plenty enough. Can we just apply for a loan now and see what we can get approved for and not have to go from there just yet? I just want to see how much I can have so I can start looking. Is there a free place where we can see what we may be able to apply for? no strings attached? Also, generally what % do people usually have to pay down? Thanks.
Thank you all for your help. Im very anxious to talk to a agent but im affraid im jumping the gun a little bit since our lease with the apartment isnt up until july anyway. We dont have anything negative against our credit so im sure we ll be fine.

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