Applying for an FHA loan to purchase a home…..?

I want to purchase a home and I was wanting to apply to see if I qualify for the FHA loan. I live in Amarillo, Texas. I am married and don’t have any children. Im a full time student and my husband works for a meat packing plant. My 26 yr old sister and her two children have been living with us for the past 3 yrs. My sister doesnt work so for the last two yrs, well this would be the third, we have been claiming her children on our taxes. My question is: Would I be able to use her two children as dependents when applying for the home loan? Could my husband use me as a dependent since I dont work? My husband and I are both 23 yrs old. Any help is appreciated
I have already tried the website to hud and the others that discuss the FHA loans and could not find an answer to my question

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