Apply for a Mortgage fiance / fiancee married …. instead?

Brief overview of our situation … We are looking to buy our first house next year when our current house that lease ends in May she has excellent credit (750 FICO) and I built my credit card (600 is high now, not bad, but not a file thick). She is 30, and I will be 26 when we met. I have a paying job so he took 2 1 / 2 year, when we use the cost of the Graduate School with his teacher with little experience in Berufswelt.Wir have ~ $ 20,000 savings for a down payment and we are to secure a mortgage $ 240,000. We do not want a conventional mortgage, where we need 20% down, this is simply not realistic for us (Obviously … We see below). I am interested in an FHA lender, and according to its Web site its lenders not only based credit rating and keep it also depends on ARM loans that we sindNun not interested, because the information is there, it the fact that we are not married …. But time passes around May, we will probably be fixed. The ring was bought:) Is there a mortgage as unmarried couple applying a negative decision on a mortgage as a couple? I guess my reason, that married couples have a liability of the common debt, while non-married, only a liability for joint debts, which arose in both their names were adopted …. then the lender would be more likely to treat us when we got married, or is it not really matter?

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