Apartments and floods?

My city has been told there will most likely be flooding because of a dam that is going to overflow. I don’t know, but there is a hole in the embankment and water is seeping out. My city officials said that there will be about 5-10 feet of flooding in the whole area. They are trying to stop it, but believe that they won’t be able to in time. Anyways, I live in an apartment. I was lucky enough to get flood insurance a couple weeks ago and it will be ready nov 1st. My question is, if it floods 5 feet in my apartment, will the apartment complex/their insurance cover the carpet, their Appliances/W/D and their walls/paint? I know my insurance covers my personal things. I live in the valley, but work and go to school in a different area. Do you know what would happen to my car if it was here when it flooded? Would it be totaled? I am afraid of that because I owe more on it then it’s trade in/ private party value. And any advice for how to handle a flood would be good. I am on the call list for emergencies. Oh, and some reports say it will probably flood a couple times this winter because we get a lot of rain. But, I am the only one living here so I don’t really know what to do. Oh, and my lease isn’t up til next June and I don’t have extra money to move either.

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